live boldly, with no fear

forever a happy soul


This story begins, when I’m alone, none at all, to share. Even mother, that’s my dearest bestest, is terribly busy, recently. Huks. :’(

[my goodness.. it just passed one second since I wrote those statements down, then my phone’s ringing,

it was my MOOOMM!!!] see?? How GREAT is He??


I’ll continue writing.

so.. this is a point while I think I’m supposed to make a kinda release. Moment when I think I shud battle myself firmer. Moment that I have to realize that a fear supposed to be faced! Not leaving it behind, RUN AWAY -.-. Moment, when I shud feel that people are supporter, not a threat. Don’t ya ever thought that’s what I feel for all of this time? I did.

Here I am, the place You’ve been chosen for me. I won’t regret or blame anything. I know, these are the right path, perfect secret, to do my best for Thou. Though there’s burden in shoulder, a doubt in heart, a fear within eyes, man.. I won’t give in…. ever. i’m gonna keep my faith. The world’s enormous, the ocean’s really broad, the universe is infinite. Everything’s possible. Then why shud I scared.

Though I feel so small, so selfish, with fragile heart, big ego, childish dread, and doubt. Sweetheart, just throw those feelings away.

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